Common Maintenance Practices For Fiberglass Pools

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Common Maintenance Practices For Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are an excellent choice compared to concrete or vinyl pools as they are more durable and require less maintenance. However, while fiberglass may be low maintenance, you need to know when to perform maintenance and what it entails. Here are the common fiberglass pool maintenance services you may require.

Water Level Maintenance  

Maintaining the correct water levels in your fiberglass pool can ensure safety for swimmers when diving. However, the water levels may change due to different reasons. For instance, the water level may rise if you don't have a pool cover and there's a downpour, or if you overfill your pool with a hose. This may cause your skimmer, which sucks floating debris, to overwork, which may cause filter damage. 

Also, the water level may fall due to leakage. This may result in the skimmer sucking air, potentially causing pool filter or pump damage. Hence, always maintain the correct water level that your fiberglass pool builder recommends. If the water level is high, drain your pool to the correct level or add more water to your pool if the water level is too low.


Fiberglass pool surfaces are smooth and prevent algae growth or debris from sticking to the surface. However, algae growth or dirt accumulation on the pool surface may happen over time. Remember that the algae are unsightly, and their spores may cause allergies in pool users. Also, the algae may make pool surfaces slippery or reduce pool visibility, increasing the risk of injuries. Besides, debris like rocks or leaves on the pool may cause discomfort to pool users.

Therefore, fiberglass pool cleaning may be necessary. This may entail scrubbing the pool to remove debris or algae. Also, pool contractors may use a vacuum to suck dirt from the pool's bottom or a skimming net to remove floating debris.

Water Chemical Balancing

Adding chemicals like chlorine to your fiberglass pool may be ideal for removing harmful bacteria. However, excess chlorine in the water may cause skin irritation or eye itchiness. Also, high pH levels in the water may result in deposits on your pool surfaces or equipment. Therefore, you must maintain the correct chemical level in the water. Pool contractors can test your water to determine the chemical level and adjust the chemical levels accordingly. For instance, adding muriatic acid can lower pH levels.

The common maintenance practices for fiberglass pools include water chemical balancing, cleaning, and water level balance.

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