The Best Ways To Clean Leaves Off Your Pool Cover

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The Best Ways To Clean Leaves Off Your Pool Cover

Most inground pool owners cover their pool before the fall leaves begin to fall. Placing the winter cover on the pool before the trees shed their leaves keeps the debris out of your water. But once the leaves fall, you may still have a leafy mess in your pool area. When removing this mess from your pool cover, you run the risk of ripping or tearing your cover. Here are a few ways to get up your leaves while leaving your pool cover intact. 

Pull Out The Leaf Blower 

One of the easiest ways to remove dry leaves off your solid or mesh safety cover on your inground swimming pool is to pull out your leaf blower. You can blow the leaves from this area just as quickly as you can anywhere else in your yard.

Be careful not to blow them under the edge of your cover and into your pool. If you do, you will have a mess in the bottom of your pool come spring.

Pull Out The Leaf Rake

If the leaves on your pool cover are wet, your leaf blower will not do the job. The weight of the wet leaves will make them too heavy to blow. Pull your plastic leaf rake out to rake the wet leaves off your cover. Avoid a metal rake that may rip or snag your mesh cover. 

Once the leaves are off your cover, put them in your compost pile. If you do not compost, place the leaves in an area they can dry before bagging them or where the winds will not blow them back onto your pool.

Invest In A Pool Leaf Cover

A pool leaf cover is a lightweight, super thin mesh cover that you can pair with your safety cover to provide additional protection against anything falling in your pool. Once the leaves are off the trees and littering your pool cover, you gently pull your leaf cover off your safety cover, leaves, and all. 

Because the leaf cover is lightweight, you can haul your leaves out of the area while they are on the cover. Once you get your leaves to your desired location, depose of them how you choose, fold up your cover, and put it away for next year. 

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing the leaves from getting on your cover is the least labor-intensive way of dealing with them. 

Contact a local inground pool service to learn more. 

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