3 Options When You Order a Shipping Container Pool

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3 Options When You Order a Shipping Container Pool

A popular trend for people who want backyard swimming pools in recent years is to order a shipping container pool. Many pool companies offer this product in addition to traditional in-ground and above-ground pools. If a shipping container pool is of interest to you, the first decision that you'll need to make is what size you want. These pools are available in different sizes, so whether you favor something compact or you're looking for a longer design for swimming laps, you'll be able to choose the size that suits you. Here are some other options to discuss with your pool company.

Above or In-Ground

Shipping container pools offer a high degree of versatility because they can work both above the ground or partially in-ground. You'll need to think about what look you prefer, as there are advantages to both options. If you currently have an elevated deck in your yard, it might be possible for your pool company to install your shipping container pool next to the deck so that its top edge is level with the deck's surface. This can not only look stylish but also makes it easy for people to get into the pool.

Pool Window

People who choose to have their shipping container pools sit on the surface of their yard have the option of one or more windows in the walls of the container. Doing so can add visual appeal, but you'll also likely appreciate being able to see your children when they're swimming and you're seated nearby. Pool companies can offer different sizes and styles of windows in shipping container pools, so be sure to assess what options are available to you.

Interior Options

When it comes to the interior of your shipping container pool, you have a few options to consider. You might favor keeping the entire interior open. Doing so will make sense if you primarily plan to use the pool for swimming laps. There are other options, however, that you'll want to consider. For example, your pool company can build a ledge into the container at one end, which can serve as a wading pool-style space. Or, if you favor a different type of ledge, you might want a small ledge along one of the long sides of the pool so that people can sit on it when desired. Make sure that you get your pool company to provide you with a detailed list of the options that are available to you.

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