Making the Right Swimming Pool Decisions for Your Remodeling Project

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Making the Right Swimming Pool Decisions for Your Remodeling Project

There is nothing better than soaking in the hot sun by the side of a swimming pool during the summer months. But as we all know, it can be quite expensive to maintain one. Is there any way you can make it less costly and more fun without sacrificing its beautiful appearance? A big part of that answer is finding the right swimming pool remodeling ideas, and you might find some of the answers if you continue reading.

Resurfacing and Liner Replacements

Pool resurfacing and liner replacement are not the same. Pool resurfacing involves grinding down the surface, then coating the surface with a new finish. This resin is then topped with a layer of concrete, and the whole thing is left to harden. Stone and concrete resurfacing are expensive, and both require a lot of work. They are most suitable for new pools only, but they might be the right solution if you are looking for a custom design.

Pool liner replacement involves removing the existing liner and replacing it with a new one. This can also be done using concrete, tiles, or glass tiles. Installing a new liner is cheaper and less time-consuming than concrete resurfacing and stone resurfacing. But they are not suitable for concrete or stone pools. Liner replacement is the cheapest and simplest way of giving your old pool a new lease on life. If your pool is in good condition, a liner replacement may be all you need.

Redesigning the Pool Deck Area and Beyond

Remodeling the pool deck is easier than most people think. It can take as little as a weekend, and you don't have to take everything down to the pool. You can remodel the deck and the area around the pool, adding shade and privacy, and without having to remove the pool.

The decking is part of the pool, but it's a separate structure. The decking is where you sit, where you put your feet up, where you put your feet in the water, and where you put your feet up out of the water. The decking is the part that gets the most wear and tear and often needs to be replaced. When replacing the decking, you might want to consider modern pavement materials like porous surfaces that help allow for drainage and improve the safety around the pool.

The deck surrounding your pool is a focal area that expands the use of your pool. In addition to providing an attractive place to swim and relax, the deck around your pool will be a great place to barbecue, entertain, play, and more. Therefore, you might also want to consider adding more to your outdoor living spaces when doing major renovations to your pool deck.

Upgrading Water Features with Lighting

Waterfalls, fountains, and lighting can all help to create a more relaxing environment for those who like to swim or for those who simply enjoy spending quiet moments in the water. Swimming pool fountains and lighting systems require proper installation and should only be handled by professionals. However, knowing which type of lighting features will best suit your swimming pool is crucial.

Swimming pool lighting is another attractive option for pool owners. LED lighting offers many benefits over other types of lighting, including energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, and durability. There are numerous options available for pool owners, including underwater lights, floating lights, light strips, and directional lights.

Underwater lighting is a very effective choice for lighting your pool. Submersible pool lights are generally more efficient and reliable and can be placed underwater. Floating pool lights are also a good choice since they can be placed above the water level.

There are many remodeling ideas to make your swimming pool look and feel better. Contact a pool remodeling contractor to learn more about the process.

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