After-Winter Pool Maintenance To Get Your Outdoor Oasis Ready For Summer

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After-Winter Pool Maintenance To Get Your Outdoor Oasis Ready For Summer

If you have closed your pool over the winter months, maintenance needs to be done before opening it. In addition to the maintenance, there may also be repairs that need to be done. The following pool maintenance information will help you get your summer oasis ready after winter passes.

Cleaning Out the Debris

Removing the cover is the start of cleaning your pool for spring maintenance. There may be debris on the cover and in the water. These materials need to be removed before you continue with other tasks that need to be done. Some things that you can do to get the debris out of the water include:

  • Clean the pool cover before removing it
  • Use large nets to remove bulky debris
  • Use a hose vacuum when filling the pool

Try to remove the bulk of the algae before you connect equipment and start the pump. This reduces the wear and prevents damage to the pump equipment.

Connecting the Filtration Equipment

After you have cleaned the bulk of the debris from your pool, you will be ready to connect the filtration equipment. There are some things that you want to do when connecting the pump and filtration systems, including:

  • Inspect drains and covers for signs of damage
  • Remove all the plugs from pool inlets and outlets
  • Clean the filtration medium before running the pump
  • Cleanout the leaf trap and prime the pump before starting it

Once everything has been connected, you want to inspect the systems for signs of damage that needs repairs. Replace any leaking connections, plumbing, and seals that have been damaged over the winter months.

Filling the Pool to Begin Circulating Water

The water in your pool also needs to be circulated through the filter to clean it. Some things that you need to know about circulating the water during opening maintenance include:

  • Backwash the filter regularly
  • Watch the leaf trap for debris building up
  • Run the pump as you continue with shock treatments

The more you backwash the filter, the cleaner the water is going to get. Once the water is as clear as possible, you will also want to replace the filtration medium. This needs to be done before adding any treatments to the water.

Shocking the Water and Begin Balancing pH Levels

The water in your pool is going to need to be shocked with a chlorine treatment. This will raise the chlorine levels and kill off organisms in the water. It is the last step in cleaning and maintenance to get your pool ready for the summer months. Once the chlorine levels subside, you will also want to begin balancing the pH and using other treatments.

The maintenance that is done now will help you get your pool ready for summer with fewer problems. Contact a pool maintenance service for help getting your oasis ready for warmer weather.

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