Three Red Flags That Indicate Your Hot Tub Needs A Repair Pronto

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Three Red Flags That Indicate Your Hot Tub Needs A Repair Pronto

Hot tubs are one of the ultimate signs of luxury in a home, and one that many Americans pride themselves on. Not only is it extremely enjoyable to use, but it is often the center of attention among close friends and family as well. The only issue is that since they are quite complicated machines, they can malfunction more than the ordinary pool. If you catch the warning signs early, then hot tub and spa repair can be a little bit cheaper. It is always better to be proactive when it comes to hot tub and spa repair, so here are three red flags you should be on the lookout for.

Features Stop Working

Many hot tubs will come with specific features and cycles that you can set yourself, such as how many bubbles you want, how often you want them, and how fast a current you need. If individual features stop working, while the core features of your hot tub still work, then this is cause for concern. It can indicate a failure in the electronics that could spread, which is why it is necessary to take care of it now before it becomes too widespread. Even if you don't use those features, you still need to be aware of the issue and quick to react.

Longer Warm-Up Time

Hot tubs and spas are not left on forever, so when you do begin the process of warming them up, you have to be aware of the time they take to get fully ready for you. Most of the time you can get into a rhythm of understanding how quickly they take to warm up, and if this time changes, then it should be cause for concern. This is especially true if it starts getting longer and longer, as the heating coils and systems are clearly degrading for some reason. It is not just a case of a machine growing old, as it should not be getting so bad so quickly.

Weird Noises Or Vibrations

After a few uses of your hot tub, you will begin to familiarize yourself with how the whole process works, from the sounds and smells to the vibrations. It will then be much easier to recognize when something out of the ordinary happens. It is never a good sign for any machine to begin making strange sounds or vibrations, and it is a good indicator that some component is loose or malfunctioning under the surface. This can be quite dangerous in a hot tub, so do not use it again until it has been thoroughly checked. 

If your hot tub or spa isn't working right, speak with a professional who provides hot tub and spa repair services. 

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