Natural Swimming Pool Designs And Green Improvements For Outdoor Spaces

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Natural Swimming Pool Designs And Green Improvements For Outdoor Spaces

Natural pools are a great way to add green, environmental features to your outdoor spaces. In addition to the green pool design for your home, there are also options that you will want to consider for other features of outdoor spaces, like solar lighting. Solar and wind energy can also be integrated into the design of your pool. The following natural swimming pool design ideas will help give your pool and outdoor spaces the environmentally-friendly design you want them to have:

Designing the swimming areas

The main area of your swimming pool will be where you want to have a more conventional design. You will want to separate spaces of your swimming areas and the filtration system design. The swimming area can have a unique custom design like any other pool, and the filtration can be integrated into the surrounding landscaping. There are details you need to consider for the separation of the pool and filtration system, which include:

  • Outlets for water going into the pool
  • Drain systems and larger pool skimmers
  • Adding filtering plants and features in landscaping
  • Build a separate space for landscaping and the pool area

These are things that you need to consider for the separation of your filtration system from the conventional swimming area of your natural pool.

Filtration systems and energy solutions

Filtration systems of natural pools are the most complicated components in their design. The filtration systems can have their own energy solutions. First, pumps can be low voltage and powered by solar panels or cells. Other components of a filtration system can use gravity and a downhill slope design to keep water flowing and filtering the pool.

Lighting for the pool and outdoor spaces

The pool and surrounding area also need to have lighting solutions. Today, there are many options for solar energy to power outdoor lighting around your pool. The easiest solution is with solar lights that are common in landscaping designs, but they provide little light, and you probably want a more fixed solution. Solar panels can be used to achieve the energy you need to power lights in landscaping and in your natural pool.

Renewable energies for pools and outdoor spaces

The pool and outdoor area designs can also have renewable energy solutions. There are various options with solar energy to consider for the design of your natural pool. These can be small panels that power pumps and lighting for the electrical needs of your pool. They can also be other features for things like a pool heater, which can be powered by electricity or solar collectors that are installed to provide the thermal energy that is needed.

These are natural swimming pool design ideas that will give your pool the features you are looking for with environmentally friendly solutions. Contact a natural swimming pool design service to discuss some of these features with them.

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