Deciding To Build An Inground Pool

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Deciding To Build An Inground Pool

Inground pools can bring endless hours of family fun to homeowners, friends, and neighbors, but they are also a significant undertaking for anyone looking to take the plunge. As far as home renovations and improvements go, building an inground pool is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make. Inground pools are not only a significant financial investment, but they also require regular maintenance and repairs throughout their life.  

As one of the highest-dollar financial investments for homeowners, careful consideration should be taken when weighing the pros and cons of installing an inground pool. Many options are available to finance an inground pool. Homeowners can also choose to pay the full cost of the pool upfront. Consider whether saving up for your dream pool is feasible or if your financial situation is better suited to monthly payments. 

In addition to monthly payments, or even if the pool is paid for upfront, homeowners can be certain that they will incur regular costs for maintenance and repairs. Inground pools require regular cleaning and the addition of chemicals to keep the pool safe for swimming. Many pool cleaning companies provide all necessary chemicals. If you decide to take pool cleaning into your own hands, you will still likely spend a significant amount of money each month on chemicals and water treatments. During the life of the pool, other common repairs include pool resurfacing and pump repairs. 

Adding a pool, while enjoyable and often desirable by home shoppers, does not add much resale value to the home. When homeowners are contemplating whether to add a pool at their existing home, the motivation should be for their personal enjoyment, rather than the return on the investment. 

An inground pool is also a long-term commitment for homeowners. Once the pool is installed, homeowners must be prepared to care for the pool long term. Letting a pool sit without regular care and maintenance is not only an eyesore, but it can be dangerous to children, pets, and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Filling in a pool is a costly and often impractical solution. 

Homeowners should do careful research on the financial and maintenance commitments of an inground pool. Once the decision has been made to install a pool, the next step is to thoroughly research pool building companies. Ask for referrals from friends or others in the neighborhood. Many pool owners will be eager to tell the stories of their pool building experiences. 

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