4 Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas That Give You All The Essentials For Entertaining

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4 Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas That Give You All The Essentials For Entertaining

If you want an outdoor living space that gives you everything you need to entertain and enjoy your natural space, then an outdoor kitchen is essential. There are a few things that an outdoor kitchen should have, such as a grill, food preparation surfaces and storage. The following custom outdoor kitchen design ideas will help give you everything you need to host your next late-night dinner party:

1. Protect Your Kitchen Space with A Covered Area

The outdoor kitchen design you do for your home may include things like appliances, electrical wiring and other materials that are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, you may want to consider improving this space with an covered area to protect the kitchen and provide other usable space for your outdoor entertainment needs.

2. Think Masonry and Solid Surfaces for Durable Outdoor Designs

The outdoor kitchen space you create is going to be exposed to the elements and wear. Therefore, you will want to use the most durable materials in this space. Consider brick or stone to create support for counters, which would be cabinets in a conventional kitchen. For the countertop surfaces, solid materials like marble, granite or finished concrete work the best and are extremely durable.

3. Add A Fireplace, Grill and Smoker to The Design of Your Outdoor Kitchen

The cooking area for your outdoor kitchen should have a grill and other features to cook great meals. If you want to have a more complete outdoor kitchen design, then consider features with a fireplace that can be used to grill and smoke food. In addition, you may want to have a built-in grill with features like a stovetop and warmer area that keeps food hot until it is ready to be served.

4. Few Appliances and Stainless-steel Finishes to Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen inside your home may be full of appliances and gadgets that help make life easier. Outside, the appliances are exposed to the elements, so you want to use as few as possible, but still have what you need. Consider materials like stainless steel for appliances that are going to be installed in your outdoor kitchen to protect them from the outdoor elements.

With the right combination of materials and design, your custom outdoor kitchen will have everything you need to entertain. If you are ready to add a kitchen feature to your outdoor living space, contact an outdoor kitchen service, like Craft Custom Outdoors, to help create the perfect design for your needs.

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