4 Ideas To Create A Custom Pool Design That Blends In With Landscape And Space

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4 Ideas To Create A Custom Pool Design That Blends In With Landscape And Space

Today, there are many options for installing a swimming pool for your home. These options include standard in-ground pools with liners or formed fiberglass forms, as well as custom pool designs. If you want to have a pool that fits the design of your home and has all the features you desire, custom pools are the ideal choice. The following ideas will help you plan the design of a custom pool that blends in with landscaping and the outdoor space of your home.

1. Contemporary Designs And Pools That Make The Most Of Available Space

If you have a home with a modern design, there are straight lines, and fewer features to interrupt the flow of architectural features. There may also be a limited amount of space to work with for the installation of a custom pool. For this situation, the custom pool can be designed with straight lines and square shapes that utilize space efficiently and blend in well with the modern features of your home.

2. Using The Natural Elevations And Hardscaping Materials For More Features

One of the problems that you may face when planning to build a pool is the elevation of the surrounding terrain. Hardscaping features, like retaining walls, can be used to extend space for custom pools. Elevations are also great to plan infinite pools; where the water flows over an edge to make it look like it continues into a body of water or landscaping beyond the swimming area.

3. Designing A Natural Pool Oasis That Blends In With Surroundings

Another design you may want for a custom pool is one that uses natural filtration with plants, sand, stone, and animal life to keep water clean. Natural pools are great to blend the design of your pool into the natural landscaping and make them look like natural lagoons. Some of the features you may want to add to a natural pool design include grotto, waterfalls, and streams.

4. Custom Pool Designs That Utilize Water Features And Hardscaping To Improve Privacy

If you have a limited amount of space and are building a custom pool in an area that is developed, you may be worried about privacy. Consider features that provide privacy and noise-cancellation, such as stone walls or rock gardens. Use water features like waterfalls and flowing streams to drown out noise and give you more privacy for your custom pool design.

These are some ideas to help plan a custom pool design that fits the surrounding landscaping and the outdoor space of your home. If you want to invest in a new pool, contact a custom pool service and talk to them about some of these ideas to create a pool that is designed for your home and your needs. 

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