Pool Filter Housing Leak – How to Fix It Fast

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Pool Filter Housing Leak – How to Fix It Fast

It's hard enough to keep the water in the pool when you have kids splashing around all day, but it's even harder when you have water leaking from the pool filter housing. You can repair the leak and at least stop the water-loss coming from it. Here's how.

Locate the Leaks

Turn on the pump system and inspect the filter housing and all of the hoses for leaks. Use a grease pen or permanent marker to put an "X" on any leaks that you find.

If you're struggling to find where the leaks are, get some washable kid crafting paint. Choose a lighter color like yellow so that you don't have to worry about the paint coming off easily. Coat the area with the paint, and watch for where the paint begins to run. This is your leak.

Make the Repairs

Supply List

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean cloths
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Silicon caulk and caulking gun or plastic epoxy


1. Get the filter housing box clean and dry. Pour some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth, and wipe down the surfaces. The rubbing alcohol will help to break down any debris, and the alcohol will dry very quickly.

Tip: If the rubbing alcohol isn't getting off all of the grime, use mineral spirits on a clean rag for the tough spots.

2. Get the sandpaper and scour the area that is being repaired. You need to rough up the area where the patch will be placed so that it adheres better. Wipe the dust that was caused by the sanding.

3. Load the caulking gun with the tube of silicone caulk. Pull the trigger a few times to get the caulk flowing through.

4. Now, apply the caulk to the area and smooth it out with your finger. The caulk should extend about an inch past the crack on every side.

Note: You can use plastic epoxy to make this repair. Plastic epoxy cures to be a harder material, so it could be a better option for long-term repairs.

This is not a forever fix. You should still talk with your pool repair expert to learn more about what can be done to protect your pool filter housing better. You may need to move it to a different location so that it isn't as exposed to the elements during the summer use. If you need additional swimming pool renovations, talk to a pool contractor, such as After Hours Pool Service.

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