Four Things You Need To Know About Gensets

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Four Things You Need To Know About Gensets

A genset is a portable generator. It can also refer to a generator that can be used on or near water. Portable generators, from companies like Genset Pool, are used in instances where there is not another power source available, or for special events when a power source is needed in an unusual location that would require extensive extension cords to reach.

Size of the Generator

With a portable generator, they tend to run on the smaller side. They tend to be smaller in order to be able to easily moved around. They are generally much smaller in size than regular generators in order to facilitate ease of use. However, there are industrial-sized portable generators that you can use. These type of generators usually require a trailer to move around.

Wheel Kits

Wheel kits can be nice to have with your portable generator. A wheel kit makes your generator easier to use and to move around. It can help save you time with moving and setting up your generator, but it is not a must-have feature.

It Is About the Continuous Wattage

When you are purchasing a portable generator, it is really about the continuous wattage. That is the wattage that the unit is able to hold the entire time that it is operating. The surge wattage is a high amount of wattage that your generator can only sustain for a short period of time. The peak wattage is the amount of wattage that your generator makes when it is first started. It usually cannot sustain that wattage for a long period of time, either. You want a portable generator whose continuous wattage, not peak or surge wattage, can take care of your power needs.

Various Power Sources

There are various power sources that portable generators can use to get the power to run your devices. Traditionally, many portable generators used gasoline. However, you can also find portable generators that use propane. With portable generators that use propane, you will need to have access to a propane tank. It doesn't have to be a huge propane storage tank; it can be smaller sized propane tank like the kind that you attach to your grill.

Some portable generators allow you to use both gasoline and propane. These are the best type of portable generators because you are able to keep the generator going using multiple different power sources.

A genset is a type of portable generator. When looking at portable generators, pay attention to the power source and the continuous wattage that it offers.

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