Signs Your Green Or Black Pool Can Be Cleaned

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Signs Your Green Or Black Pool Can Be Cleaned

If your pool has not been properly maintained in some time, it can turn green or black thanks to algae growth in the pool. If your pool looks slimy or sludge-like, you may find yourself wondering whether it needs to be drained in order to properly clean it. Surprisingly, many pools can be shocked back to life and even murky water can be made crystal clear again. Here are a few of the signs that a green or black pool can be shocked or cleaned without needing to drain the pool. 

You Can See the Shallow End of the Pool

As a general rule of thumb, if you can see the bottom of the shallow end in your pool, your pool has a chance of being cleaned. On the other hand, if the water is so dirty and murky that you cannot even see through the sludge to see the bottom of the pool, it likely needs to be drained. If you cannot see the bottom of the pool, you will want to call in a professional to vacuum the pool after you drain it to remove any leftover debris that did not drain away.

You Can Manually Remove Debris

If you can see the bottom of your pool, the next step is to take your leaf skimmer or a pool rake and see if you can manually remove debris. If your pool is dirty, there may be large amounts of leaves, sludge, sticks and other items in the pool. These items can get stuck or clog up the filtration system, so they should be removed before filtering the pool. If there is so much residue and debris that you cannot manually remove these items,your pool needs to be professionally cleaned and drained. 

You Will Be Around to Clean the Filters

The last thing you need to consider when determining whether your green or black pool should be cleaned or drained is whether you will be around to clean the filters. If you are filtering out dirty water, you will need to run the filters around the clock until the water is clear. This means the filters may need to be cleaned one or two times a day. If you fail to do this, the filters can clog and the water won't get cleaned. If you are going out of town or won't be around to clean the filters daily, you may be better off draining the pool and starting fresh. 

Draining a pool may sound like an easy fix for a dirty pool. However, it can be costly and time consuming to drain a pool and refill it. As such, if your water can be cleaned and your pool can be revived, it is typically recommended that you go this route. If your pool is extremely dirty, hiring a professional to help you clean it can increase the chances of reviving it and ensuring it is clean and sanitary again. 

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