3 Reasons Why Homeowners Are Making The Change To Saltwater Pools

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3 Reasons Why Homeowners Are Making The Change To Saltwater Pools

Your backyard swimming pool is an oasis of refreshing enjoyment, ready and waiting for you to dive in and cool off in the summer months. However, if that old pool you have is one that still requires you to use chemicals to keep the water clean, it may be time to start thinking about making some changes. The truth is, a lot of homeowners are making the change from the old-fashioned chlorine pools to saltwater varieties. The saltwater pool utilizes more natural additives to purify the water. Here is a look at some of the reasons a lot of homeowners are making the change to a saltwater pool. 

Saltwater pools are not as hard on your body, eyes, and skin as chlorine can be. 

Even though most saltwater pools do also contain some chlorine, the levels are nowhere near as high. Some people are naturally sensitive to chlorine, and chlorine, in general, can cause your eyes to burn and be hard on your skin and body if you stay submerged long enough. Therefore, a lot of homeowners make the change to a saltwater pool simply because it offers a gentler solution for their families. 

Saltwater pools are gentler on the surrounding natural environment. 

Any homeowner who has ever owned a pool will tell you how hard chlorinated water can be on the surrounding landscaping. The splashes of water that make it to your grass and plants can leave them looking dry and dull. With a saltwater pool, the chlorine levels are much lower, so there is a much lower threat to the plants and animals in the surrounding environment. While you will still have to be careful about the saltwater bothering your landscaping, the concern will not be as great. 

Saltwater pools do not require the use of potent chemicals that can be dangerous to handle. 

With a traditional pool, most of the maintenance involved requires you to buy and handle chemicals that can be incredibly dangerous to mess with on a regular basis. You have to properly protect your hands and respiratory system when you use them, and then you have to be concerned with properly disposing of the containers. With saltwater pools, you are dealing with either brine or salt solution, which is far less worrisome; not to mention, the materials used for saltwater pool cleaning will likely be less expensive to have to buy on a regular basis. You can contact professionals like Elite Pools for more information.

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