Four Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Commercial Pool

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Four Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Commercial Pool

Are you in charge of a pool at a large commercial facility like a hotel or gym? Having to close the pool for repairs never goes over well with your customers. So, you want to minimize the need to close a pool by taking better care of it. Here are four ways take better care of your commercial pool, thereby reducing the risk of damage.

Clean the pool deck often.

The pool deck can become laden with dirt and grime, and if this grime is not removed frequently enough, it gets ground into the concrete and starts damaging the paint finish. You can prevent such issues by scrubbing the pool deck every day, or if you operate a pretty low-traffic pool, every other day. Use a dedicated pool deck cleaner since all-purpose cleaners may throw off the proper pH balance of your pool if they end up getting rinsed into the water.

Test the pool pH manually.

Most pools these days are equipped with electronic pH monitors. However, these monitors can fall out f calibration quite easily, and before you know it, your pool has been at the wrong pH for weeks! Water that is too acidic can eat away at the pool finish, and basic pool water will lead to deposits of minerals. To prevent such issues, use a manual pool testing kit to check the pool pH every couple of days. If your electronic monitor falls out of calibration in relation to the testing kit results, adjust it promptly.

Remember to backwash the filter.

Pool filters need to be back-washed, a process that involves rinsing the grime out of the filter to make room for new grime. Most pools need to have the filter back-washed at least every month. If you have a high-traffic pool, do this every two weeks. Without back-washing, your pool filter will stop working and your pool will get too dirty, leading to permanent stains.

Clean your sensors, floats, and other accessories.

Whenever you clean your pool, take the time to clean the sensors in the pH monitoring system, the floats, the ladders, and all other accessories. These components may be small, but if they break, they could lead to the need to close the pool. 

To learn more about the proper care of commercial pools, look at your pool's owner manual or reach out to a local pool care company in your region. For more help, contact a company like Hollywood Pools And Spas.

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