Equipment That Will Make Your Pool Cleaning Easier

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Equipment That Will Make Your Pool Cleaning Easier

There's no doubt that having a pool means incredible amounts of fun. However, to keep the pool a fun, healthy place requires a certain amount of maintenance effort. You can make your pool experience much easier if you have the right tools at hand. Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner, you'll still need a few of these items to make the work simpler.

Telescopic Pool Pole

A proper telescopic pole will make it easier to skim, brush, and vacuum. These poles come in a variety of lengths and the quality also varies. There are many that are fashioned from aluminum, but you can get excellent durability from the poles made from fiberglass. The poles consist of 2-3 nested poles. They can be extended and locked into place. One end of the pole is designed for easy attachment of various accessories.

Vacuum Head

A good vacuuming is an easy way to have a pool looking clean in a short time. Regular vacuuming is an important part of pool maintenance. The vacuum is designed to be attached to one end of the telescopic pole before being lowered into the pool. There are vacuum heads for vinyl-lined pools and others for concrete pools. The former has brushes while the latter has wheels.

Vacuum Hose

A vacuum hose is useful for removing debris from the floor and walls of the pool. The hose connects to the vacuum head before it's lowered into the pool. The hose is filled with water and plugged into the skimmer suction hole or a vacuum line in the wall. The vacuum hose pulls the debris and water to the filter pump.

Leaf Traps

A leaf trap is connected to one end of the vacuum hose before it's connected to the pool skimmer. The leaf trap has a large basket which is designed to trap debris and leaves and this ensures they don't clog the smaller basket in the pump or skimmer. If you need to clean for longer cycles, these traps will ensure you don't have to stop to clean the pump basket.

Leaf Bagger

The leaf bagger is a very useful pool tool to have because it allows you to use the water pressure from your garden hose to do the vacuuming. The water pressure pulls the debris from the pool floor. When it comes to doing a spot clean or removing a lot of leaves from the pool, the leaf bagger is perfect for the job.

If you think all of this equipment sounds like a lot, you wouldn't be alone. The last option is to simply hire a pool maintenance service to keep your pool in top shape. Since pool cleaning can be an arduous task, it makes sense to hire someone to conserve your own time and enjoyment as a pool owner. 

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