4 Tips For Getting Your Pool Water Clean And Ready For Summer

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4 Tips For Getting Your Pool Water Clean And Ready For Summer

Soon, the weather is going to be hot and you want to have your pool ready for refreshing swims and summer water activities. The first challenge in opening your pool is getting the water clean and clear. If you start early or even before you close your pool, you will not have to deal with as much cleaning of slimy green water. Here are some tips that will help you get your pool water clean for summer:

1. Treatments During Pool Closing to Prevent Winter Green Water Problems

Early treatments of pool water are important, which should start with closing. Before you cover your pool, make sure to add an anti-algae and winter treatment. These treatments will help to prevent problems with algae as well as freezing during the winter months, and will reduce the work that is needed to get the pool water clean when it is time for opening.

2. Heavy Algae Problems and Fishing Out the Green Slime from The Water

Sometimes, the problems that you have to deal with include heavy algae growing in the water. These become plants that can get into pool equipment and cause more damage. Before you start the pump and filter, fish out all the heavy growth that may be in the water. Use nets to get as much debris out of the water as possible before you start adding treatments and filtering the water.

3. Cleaning Filters and Pump Equipment to Start Cleaning the Water

The next step in preparing your pool is going to be cleaning the filters. You will want to backwash the filter to get any dirt and debris out of it before you start cleaning. Add an anti-algae treatment and run the filter for a day and repeat the backwash process. You will want to continue this process until you get the debris out of the water and it looks cleaner.

4. Shocking the Water and Clear Treatments Before Opening the Pool

The final step in getting your pool ready for opening is shocking the water. This is the process of adding high amounts of chlorine to the water to kill off any organisms. If you have started getting your pool ready in early spring, you may want to shock the water several times to get it clean and keep it that way. In addition, this is a good time to add clearing treatments to the water to ensure the water is crystal clear when your start swimming.

These are some tips that will help you get your pool water clean before summer. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a pool construction and repair contractor to ensure your pool is ready when the weather gets hot. 

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