Planning To Install A New Pool This Summer? 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Salt Water Pool

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Planning To Install A New Pool This Summer? 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Salt Water Pool

Having your own pool at home can help save you a lot of money, especially if you have children. This is because they can stay home and have fun instead of you taking them places. When planning to install a new pool you will have to make some decisions. One is if you want to install a chlorine or salt water pool. Below are three benefits of choosing salt water so you can decide if this would be right for you and your family.

Safer for You

If you have ever swam in a chlorine pool and gotten water in y our eyes you know how this can burn. This is because high levels of chlorine can wreak having on your skin, eyes, and hair. If you swim a lot, you will notice your skin starting to dry out, your eyes may constantly burn, and your hair will feel dryer. Salt water pools do use chlorine but much lower levels of it.

Chlorine pools have to have chemicals put in the water periodically, and these chemicals are very dangerous. If you have children, they could get into the chemicals if they are left around the pool or anywhere outside. If you have your pool for many years you will have long-term exposure to these chemicals which can affect your health.

Has Softer Water

Having chemicals in a pool will make the water feel much harder but with salt free swimming pools the water feels very soft. This makes swimming much more enjoyable and when you get out of the pool your skin will feel soft.

This is also great if you have very young children, whose skin is more sensitive to chlorine than adults. This way you can keep your young children in the water much longer, as the soft water would not be hurting their skin at all.

Less Maintenance

Salt water pools do require salt but that is the only thing you have to put in the pool. Salt releases very small amounts of chlorine so you do not have to do this yourself. This requires much less maintenance to your pool and saves you a lot of time. Also, with chemicals you have to flush the pool periodically, which can take time. You also have to clean the sides and bottom of the pool periodically to remove built up chemicals. With salt free pools you do not have to worry about any of this.

Talk with a pool company, such as Pacific AquaScapes, about salt water pools and they can answer any questions you may have. 

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